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Hello! My name is Sintone Li and I am a full-time independent developer. I'm the author of Mac Apps like CleanClip and Macaify.

Currently, I'm developing an open-source software called SecureClipX to prevent data leakage through the system clipboard.

During the development of the clipboard manager CleanClip, I received a lot of feedback regarding "user privacy" and questions like "🤔 Why should I trust that you won't secretly upload data?"

As a result, I've been constantly thinking about how to better protect user data while ensuring users feel at ease.

Now, I've come to a preliminary conclusion: I will release an open-source software to prevent the misuse of the system clipboard.

Open-source gives users peace of mind, and carefully crafted product logic ensures data security.

I hope SecureClipX can solve the data security issues for many users.

Lastly, if you like this project and would like to contribute, you can ❤️ sponsor me or submit a PR.

Note: ❤️ Sponsoring won't accelerate the project's development or issue resolution speed, nor will it increase my motivation to maintain the project. All my motivation comes from my love for programming and solving challenges.

Sponsoring will just ensure I have enough cola to drink when facing difficulties, which is the greatest encouragement for me.

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